HTML5 and JavaScript on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Sencha, the people behind EXTjs, EXTjs Designer and Sencha Touch have been doing yoemans work on testing the latest tablets for their compliance with HTML5 and JavaScript. The latest review  is about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which is Android 2.2 power and CortexA8 CPU at 1GHz, 512RAM, 32GB storage expandable by another 32GB. The screen is 7″ with front 1.2Mpixel  and rear 3Mpixel cameras and 1024 x 600 screen – see the full set of specs here.

Sencha does an ACID 3 test for HTML and CSS compliance[its such a selective set of measures, browser vendors can and do “gun” for it-Galaxy Tab scored 93/100], the Modernizr set of HTML5 test [constantly expanding but also “gamable” – Galaxy Tab trailed iPad in 3 tests and missed on 7 areas total], and the SunSpider JavaScript performance benchmarks. The latter have been done for so many browser+CPU test vehicles they have become a practical method of judging JavaScript performance on various devices. So the Sencha chart is shown below:

One can argue about which SunSpier tests were done but not about the results – clearly Android supports a much more robust JavaScript version that iPad. This, as Sencha knows, is important because it is JavaScript that drives many of the apps and browser sessions that power tablets. Also HTML5+JavaScript will also power a lot of cross device apps and software [especially given Apple’s ban on Flash]. Read the full set of tests and conclusions here.


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