CodecAcademy: Good Intro to JavaScript Programming

JavaScript coding

JavaScript coding tips

Codecacademy is a new website that offers free drills in coding in JavaScript. The exercises are fairly easy[but don’t be clever- follow their requests/instructions to the letter]. This is a good starting point for those who:
a)know no JavaScript coding whatsoever but would like to get to know the basics and quickly;
b)know some JavaScript and would like to sharpen their skills.

I have not done the exercises far enough to see a)how deeply Codecacademy goes into JavaScript[especially the powerful lambda functions and object features] and b)whether they teach you any of the great JavaScript frameworks like Dojo, EXTjs, jQuery, mootools, etc. So far the lessons are interactive [see screenshot above] a good refresher on JavasCript syntax[using PHP and Java all the time , ye Editor gets the syntax crossed]. But if you need to get some exposure to JavaScript and programming in general – this is a great starting place. In a day or two I will have progressed far enough to give you the lay of the land versus say W3schools and other JavaScript tutorial sites.

Test this:


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  1. Anthony says:

    You mean CodeCademy ( Not CodeAcademy which is being used elsewhere (

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