Working with Bootstrap 3.2

Recently ye Editor has  started a careful review of the JS Mobile Responsive Frameworks. These are quite popular among designers because the JS Frameworks like Bootstrap deliver single page web applications with minimal fuss. Designers have available a strong 12 column grid system embedded in a great CSS styling framework. Users can extend the Bootstrap CSS with LESS or SASS/SCSS for powerful designs.

Bootstrap has been the leader in making sticky, multi-item dropdown menus simple to implement.  Bootstrap 3.2 has added a number of Javascript UI widget capabilities including  modal windowing, tabs, popovers, carousels, and collapsing blocks. In effect, Bootstrap is starting to muscle into the territory of JS UI/Widget Frameworks.

With this in mind  a test of Bootstrap with the popular free+commercial JS UI/Widget framework DHTMLX4 shows [click on the image to go to the demo]:
Click on the screenshot to go to the test website

The good news is that DHTMLX works comfortably well with Bootstrap. The test suite includes use of DHTMLX Accordion, Tabs, Form, Color Picker, DataGrid,  and Editor widgets. Note the last 4 widgets are not available in Bootstrap 3.2. By setting the WIDTH of DHTMLX widgets to 100%, many of the widgets could be made semi-responsive. The problem is that the  DHTMLX widgets do not respond to resizings. So when a smartphone or tablet is changed from landscape to portrait view, the widgets can become garbled with ugly overlapping.

So expect further tests with other JS UI/Widget Frameworks. But the bottomline is that Bootstrap is easy to develop with and its runtime performance is pleasingly crisp.


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