CodyHouse – A New JavaScript Framework?

JavaScriptures has followed the fast development of JavaScript frameworks with UI based frameworks like DHTMLx and Sencha with their nifty page oriented Visual Designers. There is also the responsive SPA-Single Page Applications JavaScript frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Ink . Well a new Web Design website CodyHouse has appeared with some striking similarities to the SPA Javascript frameworks – free, design oriented, HTML5, full CSS, JavaScript components. Here is a sampling of CodyHouse components.

cody2libraryThere are currently 36 of these components available – but a new 1-3 appear every month

And CodyHouse provides a demo of how each of their components work -doing one better than the other JavaScript frameworks :

There is a detailed explanation of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript involved:
codydetailsClick on the above screenshot  to find one of the CodyHouse co-founders.

In addition the CodyHouse getting started page provides a HTML/CSS/JavaScript test harness for embedding CodyHouse components  for rigorous testing . Again a screenshot is worth a thousand words:
cody3start The getting started guide and test harness are  refreshingly  complete

CodyHouse components have a test harness that is quite general. And all that an adventuresome Web developer would have to do is add the various  CodyHouse components together, check the responsiveness of the code ensemble, create a small templating system – and you have another very good HTML5/CSS/JavaScript framework.


Coders who use Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, and Ink should take a careful look at the CodyHouse’s UI components. Trust me, CodyHouse works well for SPA-Single page Apps as well as more complex multi-page designs with one proviso- be careful with the CSS.

Likewise WordPress sites [but not users] and Blogger users will find that CodyHouse components can bring design flare to their websites. There are several plugins and PHP code snippets in WordPress for importing CodyHouse components while Blogger allows iframe code/component embeds among other ways to add HTML/JavaScript/CSS components in.

So JavaScript coders plus Web designers and developers have with  CodyHouse  a great new source of both design ideas and viable UI components …Oh and maybe the makings of a new JavaScript framework.


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Web Designer and Developer that uses WordPress primarily but also Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, Ink, and even Magento etc. Love teaching full stack developer tricks with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/SQL at WordCamps and on my blogs
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