The JavaScript Horror Story

Here is the horror in a full page story:
Or here in the rapidly changing React.js world:


React JS world

And there is a host of JS libraries including Angular, Closure, React, Vue and others that are changing the basic design assumptions with Virtual DOMs, dynamic CSS, promises and dynamic callbacks, etc. And the JavaScript space itself is full of disruption with EcmaScript 5, EcmaScript 6 , TypeScript and other JS fixtures changing at the core.

As a developer I have seen Cobol & Fortran to C and C++ to Java and a host of VM languages in the past 30 years. This means a major language syntax and structure change every 6 to 10 years. Now the Web and JavaScript World, major  changes have shrunk from years to months. Talk about disruption! All in pursuit of a magic 100 millisecond advantage.

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Web Designer and Developer that uses WordPress primarily but also Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, Ink, and even Magento etc. Love teaching full stack developer tricks with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/SQL at WordCamps and on my blogs
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