Gutenberg is now used at

Okay, to be sure it is not the identical version of Gutenberg with its almost stray- dog selection of blocks as seen below:

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But clearly the new editor has the look and feel of Gutenberg. As you can see in the screenshot below the new editor has a lot of features and design layout similar to Gutenberg:

Specifically, the new Visual Editor uses the same title field, top taskbar style, and a Content Editor block that reflects much of the previous Visual Editor functionality. However, the sidebar has a vertical accordion toggle straight out of Gutenberg [or vice versa – who knows which came first].

But what is fascinating is the new Media tool in the block’s +Add pulldown. Media handling now is really supercharged as seen in the screenshot:

These improvement in how galleries of images can be displayed is a big step-up  over  the traditional  Media tool in WordPress.


So there are signs that Gutenberg ideas get tried and tested at  in its new Visual Editor. So once again, resumes its role as a test arena for WordPress.

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