Gatsby: A Reactjs IDE

Okay, let me be discretely literal and  honest – Gatsby is a Static  Site generator for React.js. On first blush it looks  like an early version of Bootstrap which provided a block and columns oriented IDE for JavaScript with templates and just enough jQuery powered widgets to get a lot of  pseudo SPA-Single Page Applications done.

Now there are full blooded IDEs supporting Bootstrap 4 like Mobirise and Bootstrap Studio but as this video shows, Gatsby really  delivers a useful starting  template for developing Reactjs code.

Both the video and the Gatsby  blog post show you how to get started in using Gatsby with React.  It definitely helps if you have done some React.js programming because then the utilities required like Node, npm, yarn , and Webpack will not only be around but familiar to use.

What Gatsby Reveals About React.js

The opening screen shot of my  gatsby app tells the story of a full stack Web Developer highly skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL having to get used to the upside down world of React.js. This is a new world of halfway HTML+CSS contained in JSX. It is the new bitter Red pill necessary to achieve the new  Web God,  Speed as the Killer App.
Note the frustration of a newby to React as illustrated by  some of the underlying  React code in Gatsby:
Now in exchange for a more complicated syntax for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, React delivers the following promises beyond greater speed of UI operations:
1)easier development of derived components
2)easier to understand the code layout components
3)broader interfaces to other JavaScript frameworks
4)broader set of interfaces to other systems with GraphQL, Node.js, REST API, etc.
Finally, React is accumulating a broad set of endorsements not the least of which is its use  in Gutenberg and Calypso for the major ongoing upgrade of WordPress. Considering that WordPress is used on 24% of all the websites in the world this is an impressive endorsement beyond the fact that React is the primary Web language of Facebook, Reacts inventors.

What Gatsby does is create a Bootstrap like simple template system for developers to tryout out their developing React components. It is simple but that can be an advantage in a test vehicle. In sum, with Gatsby, React has put itself in a better position  to defend its top rank in the JavaScript frameworks.




























































































































































































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